We focus on four strategic priorities: We seek to outperform our competition as a localized company with simplified operations and a highly inspired team.

Our strategy is built on the foundation of our corporate values. We will continue to drive our successful development in order to achieve our long-term vision for HPMC to continue being a local leader in general services. In order to steer the focus of the entire organization toward our strategy and ensure its successful implementation, we have defined four strategic priorities.

We seek to leverage the full potential in our product categories to gain bigger market share and thus to outperform our competition.
This will be done by:
• actively managing our portfolio,
• strengthening our top services,
• launching powerful innovations, and
• Focusing on our customers and consumers.
To capture the potential for accelerated growth and increased profitability in our categories, we have segmented them into three clusters:
Core, growth and value
In our core categories, we will continue to invest in strengthening and expanding our leading positions. In our growth categories, investments will fuel disproportionately high growth of existing and new segments. In our value categories, investments will be tailored to maximize our profit potential.
Strengthening our services

We will continue to focus on our top services such as Painting, Maintenance and Cleaning. To achieve this, we will expand our local services and support our top services with strong innovations and focused marketing investments.

Innovation and customer focus

To achieve a consistent innovation process, a driving trend based innovations has been developed to meet the individual needs of our customers and consumers. This is expected to help us to reinforce our innovation leadership. By capitalizing on sustainability and on trends such as accessible luxury or convenience, we will ensure that our services remain highly attractive and precisely relevant for our customers.

The strategic priority “Localization” describes our differentiated regional strategies to grasp growth opportunities around Bahrain.
Leverage strength in mature markets and expand in emerging market niches.
In mature markets, we will continue leveraging our strengths and generate rewarding growth by increasing our services investments and maintaining our cost focus. By 2018, we aim to gain more top positions in these markets utilizing our strong services to boost market share and overall profitability.
In emerging market niches, we will expand our existing category positions and accelerate growth in the areas where we already have a strong presence. We will also selectively enter new growth market niches, where we do not have a foothold yet. With speedy service and efficiency, we are strengthening our localization manifestation continuously.
“Simplify” is the strategic priority which summarizes our ongoing improvement of localization processes. We will continuously drive our operational excellence by making our processes faster and more standardized, focusing on cost-efficiency as well as end-to-end optimization.

Extending shared services: new hubs, quicker business processes will be attained.
We will extend our existing shared services by increasing the number of processes handled in shared service centers.

Integrated IT platform

In addition to shared services, a stronger focus on information and telecommunication technology (ICT) will be critical to increasing the efficiency of our business processes. We will continue to leverage an integrated localization process platform supported by significant additional ICT investments.

Increased efficiency: driving value generation
We aim to adopt a business model that give each unit stronger autonomous roles. In case a unit is not able to provide its services to other unit at level uncompetitive with external service providers, such a unit will not favored in getting unwarranted orders over the external providers.

The basis for our strategy was a detailed analysis of major long-term market trends. We identified three megatrends which will affect our different businesses over the coming five years:
• Consolidation in our supplier and customer base as our competitive environment will continue increasing its competitiveness. Size will become a critical success factor in the future. Consequently, we need to grow our businesses.
• We expect the shift of growth from mature to emerging market niches to continue. As a result, we need to expand our already strong footprint in these market niches over the coming years.
• We anticipate highly dynamic market evolution, and faster decision-making by suppliers, customers and competitors. In addition, further digitalization will lead to changes in our market environment. We therefore need to continue simplifying our processes and increasing our operational excellence.
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